By the grace of God, In 1994, I had a god given vision for Indian evangelization. Right from that time till date I faced many challenges and obstacles in moving towards its achievement. The ‘Mission’ to fulfil the vision is tedious and hard. But God is helping me in all these difficult situations and is using us as instruments in his hand. Trusted ones may leave and friends may oppose us. But remaining in God is most essential.

EGM of India is an organisation where any person regardless of his/her Church or denomination can come together and join hands for Indian evangelization.  Our interest is on introducing Jesus Christ to the lives of people especially to those who have never heard of Him. Jesus is the only real path, truth and life. So let’s follow the footsteps of our lord Jesus Christ to fulfil our vision for mission.

Please make use of this website to understand about the genuine activities we undertake. Please communicate with us and let us know how God wants you to be a part of this Mission. PRAISE THE LORD !

Dr. V. P. Mathai Valayil